Toilets come in all shapes, sizes, and behave in sometimes odd manners~ kind of like humans.

Toilets come in all shapes, sizes, and behave in sometimes odd manners~ kind of like humans. I would like to take you on a journey through the roller coaster ride that is Crohn's Disease and hope you come out of this a little more educated about you're own health.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kansas- Oh There Is No Place Like Home

Here I am, 28 years old- married- with a four month old moving to Kansas. What's in Kansas you say? Well part of my hubby's family... I guess he wanted a change of scenery. Hubby is very impatient (but aren't all men like that?) we were doing Therapeutic Foster Care when I was pregnant, and now that my son was here we wanted to take a little break from it and there were just no jobs available for Hubby. None that made decent enough money to pay our rent that is...

So off to Kansas we go...

How Hubby and I met is a pretty interesting story, so I guess I will tell it for all the world to have a chuckle:

First let me explain a bit more about myself... my marrying Brandon was a little surprising seeing as he really wasn't what people expected me to marry...

He is a good mix of a lot of men in my life, and not "men" as in "past boyfriends", "men" as in "family men" that I love... my dad, my stepfather, my little brother.... its all quite comical.

Oh and that whole "past boyfriends" thing is a complete joke: Brandon was my first and only boyfriend. Lets just say that as a teenager I valued myself as a woman pretty seriously. Sure I had crushes and what-not, but never was wanting a "boyfriend". Let's remember- I was a pretty angry teenager and I still hated men a lot, but gosh I was still attracted to the opposite sex! And let's face it, I was an average girl who wore very little make-up and wore clothes that were too big for her. No teenage boy wants to date a girl who is not showing off her body. Well no boy in Western New York did, to my knowledge... well I did have some boys who chased after me, but that was after high school when all the health crap started going down and I was not interested.

That reminds me of a funny story. As a young adult I worked in one of the local hotels (there are three, two of which are owned by the same company- I worked for the latter company) which a bunch of friends. It was fun while it lasted. One of the maintenance guys who was about my age shown interest in me. I was only interested as a friend because his values were completely different from mine. I went to church. He did not. But he said he would go to church for me. No thank you. Please for the love of all things beautiful do NOT go to church FOR me. You are not doing me any favors. Church and "religion" are supposed to be personal things for yourself. Going to impress somebody totally feeds into every stereotype out there. Gosh.

At first I was friendly to him because I didn't want to hurt his feelings, but he wouldn't stop harassing me so I started being myself. Mean and sarcastic. He was a musician so he wrote a song for me: "Mandy Why Do You Hate Me". He serenaded me in the kitchen while I was eating my meal. Classic. I laughed so hard. I felt kind of bad for him until he asked me if I was a lesbian. Jerk. Just because I was not interested in you doesn't mean that I must be a lesbian! Get over yourself ass.

It was one of those moments that I will never forget! I look back at it fondly. Ha!

Back to my original story... I always thought I would marry someone older than me who was calm and knew *exactly* what he wanted out of life. Tall, brown hair (preferably curly hair) with brown eyes. Well God thought to send me someone totally different.

Brandon is tall, with brown hair (that is slowly fading away), but with striking blue eyes, and he is four years *younger* than me. Now that wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that when I met him he had *just* turned 20 years old. I was 24 getting ready to turn 25!

My mother and step-father are 19 years apart, but they met when they were *much* older and had families.... so even though I had seen couples who were years apart in age it was still kind of weird in my eyes to date someone that much younger than me.

I met Brandon at Walmart. Oh Wonderful Walmart! Who doesn't love Walmart? *This girl right here*

I had just gotten back into town from school and needed to do some shopping. I was dressed in jeans, a baggy tee shirt, and a baseball cap. That's certainly appropriate attire for meeting men.... yeah.

When I'm shopping I have a one-track mind, I want to get in, get out, and be done with it. I don't pay attention to who else is in the store or who I may meet there. I just want to get my stuff and get out. So unbeknownst to me there was a young man "checking me out", Brandon worked there in the produce department and he was chatting with the door greeter... This door greeter- she is a gem. Everyone knows her (well this is a small town and she is a native, so its only natural that she know everyone and everyone know her.) my mom chats with her regularly, but at the time I don't think she recognized me as my mother's daughter.

So here are Brandon and the door greeter chatting it up- apparently about women and relationships, the door greeter wanted to hook him up with someone so she was asking him what kind of girl he's interested in. He saw me walk by- pointed at me and said "I'd like to end up with a girl like that".

Well whaddya know.

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